LED Lighting & Retrofitting


LED retrofitting, the process of replacing existing lighting with a new and better LED lighting technology, is one of our specialties. We can increase energy efficiency and light quality in your facility while converting out older, outdated lighting technologies such as fluorescent, CFL or HID.

Most commercial lighting systems today are not only hard on the environment, but also wastes of money. Luckily, there is another option.


Energy efficiency, better light quality and lower maintenance costs are only a few benefits of LED retrofitting.

  • With a reduced carbon footprint and zero hazardous waste, being environmentally responsible is a reward in itself.
  • Being eco-friendly enhances a company’s image by reflecting the environmental concerns of clients, vendors, employees and the public.
  • The longer lamp life and superior warranties on LED supplies means lower maintenance expenses.
  • Reduced energy consumption results in reduced energy costs. Energy savings for LED lighting have been estimated to be up to 50 – 90%.
  • Government tax deductions, local incentives and power utility rebates may be available to companies who adopt energy-efficient practices.
  • Better light quality means better working conditions for employees, and increases a company’s image to the client.


Choosing LED for your new construction will yield a return on your investment.

  • By retrofitting the lighting in your facility to LED, you will be able to save on energy, as well as improve upon the overall light quality throughout your building, inside and out.
  • Metal halide and fluorescent lamps are inefficient and prone to breakdowns.
  • As LED becomes more affordable and more durable fixtures are built, the inefficiency of metal halide and high wattage requirements far outweigh the initial cost of LED.
  • High lumen output and efficacy allow for long-term and efficient operation.
  • By choosing the right lumen level, your lighting can remain efficient without producing a glare.
  • We can illuminate workspaces with a uniform color temperature so workers can remain alert and focused without eye fatigue.
  • LED can help your facility reduce the need for lighting maintenance and save funds on electricity, as well as increase light uniformity.

We can help you start saving money. Contact White’s Electrical today for more information on our LED Retrofitting services.

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